Previously known Second Reality is know known as Out There. This norwegen producer is frickin awesome! His music is strongly influenced from Donkey Kong Country, Jazz Jackrabbit, Turtles and Biker Mice from Mars. You better keep an eye on this guy and show him some love over at facebook!

♫ Out There - 4Range

♫ Out There - The White Hawk

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SymbolOne one of my favorite producers. Releasing a new EP called Payback in january 2011!

EP Preview

Some old tracks.

SymbolOne - Meanrocket - Live 1996

SymbolOne - Love Juice

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Hope you guys having a greate christmas holiday. Here is an oldie but a goodie. Some great remixes from Russ Chimes EP Midnight Club.

Russ Chimes - Targa (Bestrack Remix)

Russ Chimes - Targa (Russ Chimes Remix)

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All tracks written and performed by Gorillaz using the iPad and additional instruments: Korg Vocoder, Ukelele, Microkorg, Omnichord, Moog Voyager, Melodica, Guitar, Piano, Korg Monotron. Except track 13 written and performed by Gorillaz and Bobby Womack.

Recorded between Montreal and Vancouver over 32 days on the Gorillaz North American Tour 2010

Gorillaz - The Fall (stream)

♫ Gorillaz - Phoner to Arizona

Black Eyed Pe@s - Danger Olympic RMX Instrumental

♫ Black Eyed Peas- Imma Be (Danger Instrumental Remix) (REMOVED BY REQUEST)