BEST OF 2011

It is time to sort out the best tracks of the year, a top 10 list is impossible so I have put together a top 30(!) list instead. It wasn't easy and I may have missed some tracks but here you have it, top 30 best tracks of 2011 by nightdrve.

30. DANGER - 9h19 (Youtube)
29. AutoLaser - Cebuella (Youtube)
28. Justice - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO (Youtube)
27. 16bit - Dinosaurs (Youtube)
26. Antichrist - Biker Bats (Youtube)
25. Nero - Reaching Out (Youtube)
24. Mille - Roadwraith (Soundcloud)
23. HAEZER - Fists In The Air (MP3)
22. Digikid84 - Rebel (Youtube)
21. SebastiAn - Arabest (Youtube)

20. Futurecop! - Far Away (feat. My Tiger My Timing) (Youtube)
19. Knife Party - Internet Friends (Youtube)
18. Subdue - Earthshrine (MP3)
17. Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze (Youtube)
16. Kill The Noise - Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson (Brown & Gammon Remix) (Youtube)
15. Justice - Civilization (Youtube)
14. Feed Me - Pink Lady (Youtube)
13. Skrillex - First of the Year (Youtube)
12. Zomboy - Organ Donor (Youtube)
11. Porter Robinsson - Unision (Knife Party Remix) (Youtube)

10. F.O.O.L - Machine Gun (Zip It Up) (MP3)

09. M83 - Midnight City (Youtube)

08. Day After Discovery - Sky High (Youtube)

07. Kill The Noise - Talk To Me (Youtube)

06. Knife Party - Destroy Them With Lazers (Youtube)

05. Fear of Tigers - Hidup (Youtube)

04. Bobby Tank - Questar (Soundcloud)

03. Skrillex - Reptile Theme (Youtube)

02. Nero - Crush on You (Youtube)

01. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (DAZE Remix) (MP3)

There you have it. Didn't expect DAZE to be on the first place did you? It was really hard to choose the number one track but in the end it had to be DAZE fantastic remix of Sleepyhead. It gives me such a summer feeling and it's the track I have returned to and listen to the most in 2011.

Thank you all for your support and I can't wait for 2012, it's going to be an awesome music year with albums from both DANGER, Kavinsky and many more.

I have some bigger plans for the blogs future too so stay tuned and don't go anywhere.

Happy New Year!


Got some nice new shit for you tonite it's a new project from two swedes, they call themselfs Tiger & Wolf, witch the Tiger is Serkan Denizer (known from Bonerizing Records) and the wolf is Tobias Hietala (the guy behind Deathelectro). They put their heads togheter and produced one BEAST of a track called "Feed the Beast". Being their first track it's pretty damn good and well produced and they already started their work  on a second track.

The beast will be released early this February at the label Bonerizing Records, until then show them your support over at facebook have a listen to Feed the Beast below.

Tiger & Wolf - Feed The Beast (Original Mix) by Tiger & Wolf


He is back, back again, Skrillex fourth EP is here and internet exploded (haters gonna hate). But hey, Im a fan and I like his music.

1. Right In
2. Bangarang (feat. Sirah)
3. Breakin' A Sweat (Skrillex & The Doors)
4. The Devil's Den (Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner) (REMOVED)
5. Right On Time (Skrillex, 12th Planet & Kill The Noise)
6. Kyoto (feat. Sirah) (REMOVED)
7. Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)

Favorite tracks right now are The Devil's Den and Kyoto (previously known as Ruffneck Bass).

Merry Xmas from Skrillex with an official music video from the track Ruffneck Full Flex and a bonus orchestral track from the new EP.

Visit Skrillex on facebook or download the EP here.


SymbolOne is back! Full album later this year.

Memory Level

Download removed by request


Knife Party giving away their upcoming new EP 100% No Modern Talking for free this monday. Got some sick track in it and I strongly recomend you to check it out.

1. Fire Hive
2. Tourniquet
3. Destroy Them With Lazers
4. Internet Friends

Promo clip

Get the EP on monday from their facebook page


As you guys surely already know that Kill The Noise released his huge debute EP last week, KILL KILL KILL and man it is a fricking killer! 10 heavy tracks and some remixes from Dillion Francis, Brown and Gammon, Alvin Risk and KOAN Sound.

1. Kill The Noise (Part I)Original Mix
2. Deal With ItOriginal Mix
3. Real Life?Original Mix
4. She Likes To PartyOriginal Mix
5. Talk To MeOriginal Mix
6. Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily HudsonOriginal Mix
7. Kill The NoiseDillon Francis Remix
8. Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily HudsonBrown & Gammon Remix
9. Kill The NoiseAlvin Risk Remix
10. Deal With ItKOAN Sound Remix

My personal favourite track of the EP is Talk to Me, I have waited ever since Feed Me dropped it back in this summer at Emmaboda Festivalen (sweden). Other great tracks are Deal With It (Original Mix) and Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson (Brown & Gammon Remix) (phew.. that's some long track title!) It got some really nice chip tune beats in it and a overal groovy rythm.

Kill The Noise - Talk To Me

Visit Kill The Noise at facebook and grab the EP over at beatport.


Today is the release of our friends Antichrists debut EP called Night EP. This is a huge one, five tracks, two originals and three sick remixes from Adrian, F.O.O.L and Alienhearts, not bad ey!

1. Night Terror 
2. Night Shadow
3. Night Terror (Adrian Remix)
4. Night Shadow (F.O.O.L Dubstep Remix)
5. Night Shadow (Alienhearts Remix)

Night EP by Antichrist

Head over to Antichrists facebook page and grab the full EP now! for free!