DANGER - 22H39

Oh yes DANGER is back! This time with a new original track called 22h39. A very dark tune with a catchy melody.

In sad news though his upcoming album is not going to get released (not any time soon). The concept of an album doesn't fit the style of DANGER and the format Franck want, he thinks his music fits more in the EP format with 3-4 tracks each release. It's kinda sad to hear this because the album has been in the making for some very long time now but I can also at the same time understand why he choices not to release it. Hopefully the new EP isn't too far away (rumoured release summer/autumn).

Oh, and btw a new remix is on the way too, Alexandre Chatelard - Les Marguerites (Danger Remix) (will keep you posted when it comes out.)

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