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A new challenger appears!

Antichrist is two guy from Norway (along side of AutoLaser & Out There)
They describe themselves like this

"Two cyborgs (TF909-707) from Venus crashed on earth in 2011 and never got the chance to go back.
After being on earth for a month they somehow fell in love with 80s heavy metal music and something went really wrong.
Instead of trying to fix their spaceship they started practicing playing instruments and recording what they thought was metal music.
Their dream is to become a famous metal band but their genre became more electronic and they couldn't tell the difference.
Antichrist became pure metal"

They are about to release their debut EP "Origins" sometime in 2011 with remixes from AutoLaser & Out There, going to be huge!

Origins EP teaser

Until then make sure to check out theirs remixes over at soundcloud, most of em can you get for free!

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  1. Great stuff! I really like your nightdrve text at the top