Daft World has put together a new remix album for Tron Legacy (we can all agree on that TRON R3C0NFI1GUR3D wasn't that good as aspected). This compilation of remixes are much much better.

Track List:
01 Overture (Systemboot dubstep Mix)
02 Armory (djpisky edit)
03 Derezzed (Rifhes Remix)
04 End Of Line (Tame Impala Remix)
05 Clu 2.0
06 The Game Has Changed (feat. Pharrell Williams)
07 The Son Of Flynn (Mindthings Remix)
08 Son Of Flynn (Goose Remix)
09 End Of Line (Egotomb Rework)
10 Flynn's Mau5
11 Derezzed (Pink is Punk RETRON Mix)
12 Solar Sailer (N'Joy Remix)
13 Fall (DJ DLG Lazer Legacy Mix)
14 Outlands (NITEWORK Remix)
15 End Of Line (Meridian Remix)
16 This is Derezzed (DJLP Remix)
17 Adagio for TRON (Venaccio remix)
18 C.L.U. (Aido8 Dubstep Remix)
19 Rinzler Remix
20 End Of Line (Luc from Paris Remix)

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