Daft World has put together a new remix album for Tron Legacy (we can all agree on that TRON R3C0NFI1GUR3D wasn't that good as aspected). This compilation of remixes are much much better.

Track List:
01 Overture (Systemboot dubstep Mix)
02 Armory (djpisky edit)
03 Derezzed (Rifhes Remix)
04 End Of Line (Tame Impala Remix)
05 Clu 2.0
06 The Game Has Changed (feat. Pharrell Williams)
07 The Son Of Flynn (Mindthings Remix)
08 Son Of Flynn (Goose Remix)
09 End Of Line (Egotomb Rework)
10 Flynn's Mau5
11 Derezzed (Pink is Punk RETRON Mix)
12 Solar Sailer (N'Joy Remix)
13 Fall (DJ DLG Lazer Legacy Mix)
14 Outlands (NITEWORK Remix)
15 End Of Line (Meridian Remix)
16 This is Derezzed (DJLP Remix)
17 Adagio for TRON (Venaccio remix)
18 C.L.U. (Aido8 Dubstep Remix)
19 Rinzler Remix
20 End Of Line (Luc from Paris Remix)


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And it's back! The best tracks of this week! This week we got a remix from Feed Me from Nero's new EP Guilt, a heavy party mix of Together, a MAD remix of F.O.O.Ls new single Invasion and a synthis version of Lady Gagas Born This Way.


Mondkopf is back with a new EP called Rising Doom, this is not a digital release and can only be bought over here, there are only 1000 copies made so you better hurry and grab your ex before they run out of stock.

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The cover art is really nice, I love the new minimalistic style of him.

Track list:
  1. Day of anger (320kbps)
  2. Eastern Revolt feat. Oomiaq
  3. New-York
  4. Euphoria (320kbps)


Introducing XaneXX! Prevously part of the Theriotz duo but now he has started a solo career.
His first EP Auto Destruction witch will be released 22.04.11 and the sound is as he self calls it "new style of techno based on indie-dance"

Have a listen to the previews of the two songs Auto Destruction and Sweep Disco and be sure to check out when the full EP is released.


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A new challenger appears!

Antichrist is two guy from Norway (along side of AutoLaser & Out There)
They describe themselves like this

"Two cyborgs (TF909-707) from Venus crashed on earth in 2011 and never got the chance to go back.
After being on earth for a month they somehow fell in love with 80s heavy metal music and something went really wrong.
Instead of trying to fix their spaceship they started practicing playing instruments and recording what they thought was metal music.
Their dream is to become a famous metal band but their genre became more electronic and they couldn't tell the difference.
Antichrist became pure metal"

They are about to release their debut EP "Origins" sometime in 2011 with remixes from AutoLaser & Out There, going to be huge!

Origins EP teaser

Until then make sure to check out theirs remixes over at soundcloud, most of em can you get for free!


Video Violence is releasing a new EP called Chords to a broken dream. The sound of it is more to the classical style with some electro touches. Have a listen in the stream below and grab the full EP at itunes or amazon.