A free track pack from Skrillex, Flinch and Zedd. Pretty neat songs and they are all for free.

1. Skrillex & 12th Planet - Needed Change
2. Flinch - World On Fire
3. Zedd - Changes (feat. Champions)


F.O.O.L latest EP Invasion. Sick original and remixes as always (Dumme Jungs remix is sick, SICK!), keep up the good work guys!


2 Invasion (The S remix)
3 Invasion (IKKI remix)
4 Invasion (Figure remix)
5 Invasion (Trumpdisco remix)
7 Invasion (Neus remix)



Oh boy, long time since last track pack, to compensate this I got a huge list of AWESOME new songs for you guys. Got som SebastiAn, Jungle Fiction, Stay Ali, Owl Vision, Mitch Murder, DAZE, Skrillex and many more!


TOTAL is the name of SebastiAns debut album witch is having it's release in the coming days (EU 30-05-11, US 07-06-11).

I have been listening to the full album the last week and I like it alot. Most of the songs are really good (Jack Wire (Instrumental Version) is my favorite and Arabest is really great too, it got alot of influence from Breakbot in it) but there are way too many interludes between the songs, many of them is skippable and there are not that much new material/songs that I would hope, many are from his previously releases.

Anyhow the album is great and you should definitely check it out!

SebastiAn - TOTAL (LP) by Niklaus


Preview of a new original DANGER track, 09:19.
This song is more back to his old jungle sound, I really love the sound of the pan flute he uses in some of his songs. I can't wait to get my hands on the full track and hopefully we will get his new EP/Album not too far away in the future.

Until then we have this CD compilation from his label Ekleroshock called "EOS.MMX - The Summer Solstice Edition One"

Release: May 23rd, 2011 / June 21st (digital)


1. Maxence Cyrin - Theme From The Fantasist (Intro version)
2. Etienne Daho - Amoureux Solitaires (Pursang remix)
3. The Miracles Club - Light Of Love
4. Paris - The Cross-over (Siskid's Lush version)
5. Alexandre Chatelard - Reconstitution (Data reconstitution)
6. Sacha Di Manolo - Come Closer
7. Terry Poison - Comme ci comme ça (Gloumi Grand Opera remix)
8. Alexandre Chatelard - Les Yeux Verts
9. Danger - 09:19
10. Data - Electric Fever (Acid Washed's Night of lights remix)
11. Paris - Shifting Drifting World (The Micronauts rework)
12. Secret Circuit - Heart Synthesis
13. Limousine - La Gaviota


Digikid84 is about to release his debut album called Timelapse! I am hyped for this release, I've been a fan of his music since his first EP back in 2009, the 80's synth goes right to my heart.

Watch the teaser, listen to the full album preview, grab the track "Rebel" (in full 320kbps quality) and mark June 13th in your calendar.

Here is some promo info!

"After two EPs acclaimed by critics ("Bboy Underground" in 2009 and "Supernature Love" in 2010), Digikid84 finally delivers his debut album. A slice of music directly imported from the 80's without frills, this is what provides the aptly named "Timelapse". Besides her previous singles, present in new versions, the Digital Kid offers fifteen tracks of a ruthless efficiency. Inspired by Madonna juvenile pop and sexual escapades, Prince naughty and tight groove and Thomas Bangalter lessons of House , Digikid show us his talents with a melodious electronic sound, catchy and futuristic. Power hits carefully calibrated, as the irresistible single "You Got The Groove", with the soul man Olivier Daysoul. a collaborations with Frank Nitt (of Frank N Dank duo), the well-known MC from Detroit on the burning "Technoir" while the New York singer Blackshere brings all his gentleness and recklessness on "Love Spell" and "Let's Stay Together". Extremely fresh and invigorating, the perfect synthesis of sounds, accessible, modern and worked. This debut album will bounce all tanned minishort girls during this summer, and maybe more!

01. Star Platinium
02. Supernature Love
03. Funk You
04. Lazy Lady
05. Cuz I Know
06. You Got The Groove Feat Olivier Daysoul
07. Anything
08. Stairway To Heaven
09. Love Spell feat Blackshere
10. Continuum
11. Technoir Feat Frank Nitt
12. Rebel
13. B.boy underground
14. Devotion
15. Lets Stay Together Feat Blackshere

Release date: Jun 13, 2011"


A new leak from Skrillex! This time it's one of his original tracks.
His two laptops was stolen from him at a hotel in Milan Italy last month. All of his Skrillex stuff was on those harddrives, all of his remixes and a whole new EP/Album witch he is remaking now.
I feel sorry for him but I hope that he is taking some backups this time.


Show him some love over at his facebook page.


A new track pack for you this week! This week we have the newest remixes from Stay Ali, Antichrist, Bestrack, Justin Faust and a relaxing summer tune from mitch murder.